About 5:30 I get a call to a monster apartment complex close by (I’m taking thousands of apartments). I almost get there and the rider calls me and gives me another location. This location was 20 minutes away! (I don’t like driving more than 7 minutes to pick up a ride because it cost money Uber doesn’t pay me for.)

Something told me to agree so I did.

When I get there the rider is standing outside next to his pickup truck with out of state plates. He’s happy (and 60+). The lady of the house has agreed to dinner and drinks. Then his driver (me) shows up in a Lexus and he’s even happier. He explains his intentions are to wine and dine the lady and return to her house for sex and he’s been waiting a long time to get this lady in bed. They had know each other 20+ years. He lays out their agenda – Dinner at 14 and Larimer, ¬†drinks after at a Tequila bar, then back to her house.

He mentioned the black leather seats were perfect setting for his plans and offered $100 if I stayed with them for he next couple of hours. I agree.

She comes out of the house and get’s in the left side of the car. He gets in the right side and immediately slides next to her. In the rear view mirror I can tell she isn’t too comfortable with him sitting so close. He puts his arm around her and tries to kiss her. She turned her head allowing the kiss to land on her check.

We get to the restaurant, I drop them off and wait. Then come out and we go 4 blocks. I let them out and wait. They come out and I drive them back to her house. They get out and I leave. He continued the same approach – sitting next to her. Arm wrapped around her neck. And trying to kiss her. He never did. And I don’t know what happened at the house.

$100 Tip + $85 fare. Pretty good night.

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