I guess I’m addicted to $100 tips! They sure can make a day.

About 7:00 pm the phone said go to Earls. For those in the Denver area, Earls is known for its young and sexy staff wearing very tight and short dresses. Its a popular after work place for the business class.

I get there and Don stumbles out the door with his buddy Dan. They get into the car and say the want to go to Shotgun Willies (a strip club about 20 minutes away). As we start to drive off, Dan says he doesn’t want to go to Shotguns. They argue (nicely) back and forth and finally decide to go to Don’s house about 5 minutes away.

We arrive and Don invites me in to watch part of the football game (It was Thursday night and Pittsburgh was playing.) This was a very large house and I wanted to see inside so I went in. They house was pretty empty except for a monster of a TV above the fireplace and a couple leather sofa’s. I take a bottle of water that was offered and lean against the wall. ┬áDon comes over and hands me a $100 bill and asks me to wait until they are ready to go.

These two guys did some shots of tequila and smoked some pot (its legal here) and after about 20 minutes they were talking about going to Shotguns again. Dan didn’t want anything to do with Shotguns (at least on this night) so the conversation stopped.

Don went upstairs somewhere then Dan left out the front door. A few minutes later, Don came down and wanted to know where Dan was. I explained he went out the front door. Don tried to call him and no answer. Don asked me to drive around and see if I could find him.

Realize this is a gated community of very large, expensive houses. I know Denver Bronco and Colorado Rockies players live in this community. And I’ve been here before so I drive around and don’t find him. When I get back to the house, Don get’s in the car and we head back to Earls. Along the way we find Dan – he was walking back to his car at Earls. Dan gets in the car.

We get to Earls, Dan get’s out then I take Don to Shotguns. When we arrive, he gives me another $50 “for the hassle”. I accept.

$150 in tips + $65 from Uber – not bad for 2 hours.

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