Uber says tips are included. Lyft makes it easy to add a tip. But how much should you tip? Here is some simple advice:

  1. If the driver takes more than 10 minutes to find you. Think about it. Your driver is spending their time and gas to find you. He/She is getting as close as they can with the GPS which isn’t always perfect. Then they are trying to read building or house addresses that are frequently invisible at night. Sometimes they are stuck in traffic, other times its just a long way to go.
    1. $3 dollars or more dollars is the right amount to tip.
  2. When your driver makes special effort for your comfort and safety. For example, the driver opens the door, plays your music, puts your luggage in and out of the car. All of these deserve a tip – your driver is only responsible to pick you up and drop you off.
    1. $2 dollars or more dollars is the right amount to tip unless is really cold, really late or bad weather. Then $5 would be a good tip.
  3. Other things to consider: Is the car clean inside and out? Its not easy to keep a car clean (especially in snowy weather). So contribute to your drivers Clean Car Fund.
    1. $3-$5 is good since car washes cost $15-$20.


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